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TOR Truck Corporation

A wholly owned subsidiary of R.P.M Tech Inc., TOR Truck Corporation is recognized as a leading manufacturer of
custom-engineered on/off highway vehicles, and is also a renowned distributor of genuine service (OEM) parts all over Canada and the United States.

Custom manufacturing

TOR Truck has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing heavy-duty vehicles. Originally a crane chassis specialist, the company today produces a wide range of special application vehicles. From highly maneuverable rugged highway trucks to powerful super carriers, TOR Truck's focus has been to build and maintain a reputation for quality and integrity in our industry and we are proud of our reputation for service, our facilities and our people.

Get best in class maneuverability with
TOR Truck’s custom on/off highway trucks

TOR Truck’s line up of on/off highway design trucks delivers a robust package of horsepower and fuel efficiency and an EPA rating that is top in it’s class. The rear wheel steer and the all wheel drive options will get you to those hard to reach places. Get the highest driver satisfaction from both the ride and the handling for your construction equipment.

∼ Concrete pumps
Drill rig carriers
Oil field service rig chassis
Utility vehicles and man-lifts

Get superior power with TOR Truck’s Super Chassis

With the rugged and versatile design, TOR Truck’s line up of Super Chassis offer superior horsepower and best in class maneuverability. They are custom designed to meet all D.O.T. regulations and can travel at speed of up to 100 km/h (62 mph). The rear wheel steer option will give outstanding steering capabilities. Various multi-steer and multi-drive axle configurations are available.

Crane carriers
Extreme service oil field trucks
Ro-Ro tractors
Terminal tractors
Heavy equipment transporter
Nuclear waste transporter