AF1 EVO cold air blower for airports - A new EVOLUTIVE design

On the market for over 25 years, the AF1 cold air blower system has proven to be an effective snow fighting equipment significantly reducing runway occupancy time and maintenance operation costs.

With its 860 km/h (535 mph) air jets and 19,500 cfm airflow, AF1 EVO removes fresh and hard packed snow around runway lights and airfield signs in seconds. In addition, the system efficiently maintain pavement surfaces by blowing away snow, ice, standing water, dust, and FODs of runways, taxiways, and aprons.

AF1 EVO new features

Nozzle positioning for work and travel modes

AF1 EVO work mode

Work mode: the nozzle is positioned at the front
AF1 EVO travel mode

Travel mode: the nozzle is positioned at the back

Self-contained and removable module

Completely self-contained, the cold air blower module is engineered to be rapidly removed from its carrier at season changes to use the truck with other equipment.
AF1 EVO dessin

Advantages of the AF1 EVO cold air blower

      Reduces runway occupancy time
      Replaces runway light manual clearing operations
      Clears single and multiple light clusters in seconds
      Removes snow, ice, water, dust, FODs
      Doesn't generate a snow windrow
      Increases runway tolerance
      Diminishes broom usage
      Cleans pavement crevices where bristles cannot reach
      Reduces operating costs
      Decreases risks of engine damages related to FODs


Summary technical specifications

Bouton RFQ anglais
     Air speed: up to 860 km (535 mph)
     Airflow: up to 9.21 m3/s (19,500 cfm)

Download technical data Blower
     Power: 310 kW (416 hp) turbocharged Diesel Tier 4 Final engine
     Three-stage centrifugal oversized fan

Carrier (standard)
     Peterbilt 520
Regulatory Compliance

Meets all applicable requirements of the following regulations
regarding design, construction, performance, durability, and safety:

     FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)
     CMVSS (Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)

Maintain airfields in a breeze!

AF1 EVO blowing snow
Snow is removed from runway light cluster without damages

Centerline before cleaningCenterline after cleaning Runway centerline lights are cleared from ice and snow