Get superior power with TOR super chassis

With the rugged and versatile design, TOR line up of super chassis offers superior horsepower and best in class maneuverability. They are custom designed to meet all D.O.T. regulations and can travel at speed of up to 100 km/h
(62 mph). The rear wheel steer option will give outstanding steering capabilities. Various multi-steer and multi-drive axle configurations are available.

Crane carriers
Extreme service oil field trucks
Ro-Ro tractors
Terminal tractors
Heavy equipment transporter
Nuclear waste transporter

Crane and all-terrain carriers (4 to 8-axle custom trucks)

M-250 Crane carrierThe basic unit features an 8-axle, 16 wheels steering and a computerized hydraulic suspension system. Microprocessor controls provide automatic leveling control for road travel and job site set-up. The carrier is powered by a 336 kW (450 hp) turbocharged Diesel engine, with a 6-speed automatic transmission and a 2-speed transfer case. It has a gross vehicle weight rating of 200,000 kg (440,915 lb) off-roads and 96,000 kg (211,640 lb) on-roads. The top speed is 80 km/h (50 mph). It is incredibly maneuverable, especially for a vehicle this size, with a wall to wall turning radius of 15.7 m (51.5 ft) over bumper. Axles 1, 3, 6 and 7 are steering-type planetary drive; while axles 2, 4, 5 and 8 are steer able non-drive with a drop center.

RPM Tech TOR M-250 Crane carrier truck


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RPM Tech TOR 84100 Crane carrier truck

The TOR heavy-duty hydrostatic drive carrier was designed especially for use in scrap yards. It has been engineered with two drive axles for better maneuverability. It also comes with solid tires which reduces the chance of work-delaying cuts associated with pneumatic tires. The HD-4460 comes with scissor type or fold-down type outriggers for fast set-up in restricted areas. Power comes from the loader's hydraulic pump and the motor isModel 84100-HD without the crane mounted directly to planetary drive axles. All TOR hydrostatic drive carriers are equipped with a swivel joint that gives the operator full carrier control from the cab of the loader. They range from 60 tons to 100 tons in capacity and from 4 x 4 to 8 x 4 drive configurations, with various drive mechanisms to choose from. The HD-4460 has a gross vehicle weight of 68,000 kg (150,000 lb). Top speed is approximately 12 km/h (7 mph).

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RPM Tech TOR Trojan 996 Extreme service oil field truck

Extreme service oil field trucks

The 9 series of custom designed oil field trucks have been specially manufactured to withstand the most extreme climates and rugged terrains anywhere in the world. The TOR 996 TROJAN 6X6 powered by a C15 Caterpillar engine that produces
432 kW (580 hp), Allison extra heavy duty transmission, Fabco H.D. transfer case, Chalmers custom design suspension and AxleTech planetary axles is built to handle the toughest oil field desert operations. Optional severe service oil field truck bodies are available and can be supplied with gin poles, single or double winch packages, air lift fifth wheels and many other add-on items to customize every requirement.

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RPM Tech TOR HT66250 Heavy equipment transporter

Heavy equipment transporter

This truck chassis was specifically engineered and manufactured to move extreme loads from point A to point B without compromise.

The HT66250 is designed to pull 2,000,000 lbs on level grade. The 6X6 configuration powered by a Cummins ISX15L engine, Allison transmission and planetary axles offers unmatched traction and grade ability in the industry. The frame structure and integral hitch mounted at the front and rear of the chassis are designed to link trucks together for compounded performance.

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RPM Tech TOR T62220 Nuclear waste transporter

Nuclear waste transporter

This specialty truck was designed for the transportation of nuclear waste. The nuclear waste transporter is powered by a Cummins Diesel 194 kW (260 hp) engine and includes a two man cab with tilt mechanism and full instrumentation. This transporter loads up to 75,000 kg (165,000 lb) in an 8 wheels with 8 wheel drive area, the unique ultra low frame, suspension system, tires and special security features make this vehicle extremely safe and dependable for this very sensitive job.

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RPM Tech TOR RO-64180 Ro-Ro tractor

Ro-Ro tractors
(4 to 6-axle custom tractors)

Ro-Ro tractors are designed for use in places where trailers, with various couplings, must be moved quickly and efficiently in a short distance. One of the important features of this truck is the fifth wheel that lifts hydraulically and is compatible with all coupling devices, allowing a faster and easy coupling. The cabin is designed for a single passenger and has a swivel seat, a back door allowing easier access to the coupling device and a side door for normal use. TOR Ro-Ro tractor has 6 wheels, 4 or 6-wheel drive, and a drawbar pull of 272,727 kg (600,000 lb).

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RPM Tech TOR Terminal tractor

Terminal tractors
(4 to 6 axle custom tractors)

RPM Tech also offers a line of heavy duty 4 wheels with 4 wheel drive and 6 wheels with 6 wheel drive terminal tractors with superior engine horsepower and compact design for demanding dock and yard work at any weight.

Models TT-44200, TT-66400Bouton RFQ anglais